Guide to the Meeting Website Software

My Dashboard

Access Your Dashboard

Navigate to the meeting website and login. You will be taken directly to your Dashboard, which you can access anytime by clicking on My Dashboard in the navigation bar.

Upload a Profile Pic

Hover over the blue silhouette in your Dashboard and click Browse. Upload a photo. For best results, use a high-resolution square photo (1:1 aspect ratio).

Make Your Profile Public

Click on the "Display your profile to visitors?" button in the Dashboard. Setting this to Yes allows other attendees (including publishers) to request your contact info, set up meetings, see your social media, and view your bio (if provided). See an example.

Enable Abstract Access

Click the "Display abstracts in your profile" button in the Dashboard. Setting this to Yes allows attendees to read your abstract(s) on your profile page.

Add Your Social Media Accounts

Enter your account handles/usernames in the respective boxes (you don't need the full URL). Click the save icon.

My Abstracts

Your abstract(s) are available for revision under the My Abstracts tab. Click on the abstract's title to access it. Click Update to save changes, which will be automatically reflected in the online meeting program. Additionally, on the abstract edit page, you can upload a version of your talk to be publicly available on the meeting program. We encourage all presenters to do this to facilitate discussion and assist participants who may have difficulty hearing.


You can request virtual business cards (vCards) of other attendees who have made their profile public. If your request is approved, you will have access to the attendee's email. Likewise, other attendees can request your vCard when your public profile is enabled. You can approve or deny these requests. All your vCards and requests are accessible from the vCards tab in your Dashboard.

Meeting Request

In the same tab as vCards, the Meeting Request section shows attendees who have requested to meet with you. A meeting request sends the requester's email directly to the requestee.

Example of profile

Meeting Program

Access the Meeting Program

The meeting program is accessible directly from the meeting website's navigation bar. If you're logged in, you may have to scroll past your dashboard information to reach the program. While the program will display great on mobile devices, you can also download our meeting app for an optimized experience (Android | Apple).


The meeting program is directly searchable by title, keyword, author, etc. To clear your search terms, click Reset. Alternatively, you can use the filter boxes to sort the program by track (topic), format, etc.

Make a Customized Schedule

Viewing the meeting program while logged in will allow you to save sessions with the orange "Add to my schedule" button. Saving sessions you intend to go to helps us gauge session popularity and assign rooms accordingly. Your saved sessions are accessible from the My Schedule tab in your Dashboard. This customized schedule will also include any sessions in which you're a speaker.

Check in to a Session

On individual session pages, you will find a Check-in button. This button is meant to signify that you are currently in a session or have attended a session. This feature is useful if you want to keep track of which sessions you attended at HSS 2018. Please note that if your profile is public, your check-ins will be, too.

Session Recommendations

In your Dashboard, you'll find a Session Recommendations tab. Clicking on it will direct you to a meeting program customized to your interests as selected in your profile. For example, if you stated an interest in life science and historiography, the system will show you all sessions in these topics. Changing your interests in your profile will change the session recommendations.

Print or Save the Program

You can print or save a PDF of the program now by clicking the Print button on the meeting program page. There are a few things to note. First, you may have to disable your pop-up blocker for this feature to work. Second, because the program is generated à la minute, it may take a while to load. Third, this version of the program includes abstracts. Finally, printing your customized schedule via the My Schedule tab will only include your saved sessions. The PDF of the official printed program will be posted online closer to the meeting.

Add to Calendar

When visiting session pages (accessible by clicking on the session title in the meeting program), you will see an Add to Calendar button. Clicking on the button will display several popular calendar services. After you choose one, a calendar event will be created for you populated with the session data. You can save this event for easy reference and to set reminders.

Example of V-card

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